My Happiness – Episode 3 – Think Postive – Part 2/3

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Scene 3 – In The Living Room

Next day – Monday 25th August 1997

Morning – 9:30am

(Megha walks downstairs and into the living room. The living room is neat and tidy with a TV set at the right corner of the room. Vases and plants decorate the windowsill. Sofas are around the room facing the TV. Megha notices the newspaper in the letterbox. She walks towards it and takes it out)

Megha – (to Aneetha) mother! The newspaper is here!

(she sits down onto a sofa. Megha looks through a few of the headlines and spots a headline saying ALI FAMILY ADOPTS A CHILD’ )

Megha – mum you comin? Come quick, have a look at what today’s newspaper says!

(Aneetha walks into the room and snatches the newspaper from Megha’s hand)

Aneetha – if this newspaper says anything bad about my family then I will throw that girl out of this house!

(Megha smiles. Aneetha reads the headline)

(Megha laughs but Aneetha faces her angrily as if to stop laughing. Mozaquir enters)

Mozaquir – so the tables have turned!

(Megha and Aneetha are startled. They face Mozaquir)

We now find out that its not me and Imdad who destroyed the reputation of this family, (referring to Aneetha) but a bad mother one who was supposed to have been a good one!
Aneetha – hey
Mozaquir – enough! We know now the truth! (to everyone) hey Anurag, Malini, Akash, Iqbal everyone else come and read today’s newspaper headline! You will all be surprised!

(slowly everyone else enter the room)

Anurag – why did you call us dad?
Mozaquir – take a look at today’s newspaper! You’ll know what I am talking about! The girl you had accused of being the reason of this family’s ruin has changed to a person you might have not expected it to be!
Akash – what does it say?
Mozaquir – take a look for yourself! You won’t believe me without proof anyway!

(Mozaquir leaves the room. Anurag and the others stare at the newspaper)

Scene 4 – In Thahmin’s Room

(Malini enters and sees Thahmin sitting on her bed disappointingly)

Malini – Thahmin?

(Thahmin looks up at Malini turns her face back down again onto her pillow)

I know you have been treated very badly for the past few days but I know for sure that things are going to get better! The newspaper came today!

(Thahmin looks up at Malini quickly for hearing about the newspaper)

Thahmin – did it say anything about me?
Malini – yes it did!
Thahmin – (bobs her head down once again with a slight whimper) oh god! Now for sure I wont be here any longer!

(Malini laughs)

Malini – well let me tell you that nothing like that is going to happen!
Thahmin – (looks at Malini) how can you be so sure?
Malini – because the report said that this family has done a great job by adopting you!

(Thahmin is relieved)

Thahmin – Oh that is a good news to here!
Malini – yes it is! And to make our bond more special I have decided that today we should go out and shop for our family members!
Thahmin – (surprised) really? With me?
Malini – yes really with you!

(a tear falls from Thahmin’s right eye)

Thahmin – thank you so much!

(Malini laughs)

Malini – Your very welcome!

(Thahmin and Malini both hug)

Scene 5 – In The Shopping Mall

Afternoon – 4:00pm

(Thahmin and Malini shop and buy many things for many family members such as flowers, clothes and their special foods. They exit the shopping mall and they walk towards a phone box)

Thahmin – Wow thanks sister in law you have really made me happy this afternoon! After a lot of tears flowing down my cheeks, this has changed my mood.
Malini – Well this is only the beginning! Wait till everyone at home sees the gifts you and I bought for them, they will have a shock!

Scene 6 – In The Living Room

(Thahmin and Malini return with their gifts. Akhtar, Aneetha, Iqbal, Megha, Imdad and Rakesh are delighted that Thahmin had gotten gifts that they admired. But Akash and Anurag sneer at Thahmin for trying to act generous)

Aneetha – Wow girl thank you for these gifts!
Akhtar – (looking at her own flowers) yeah it surprised me so that you bought us these presents! What made you think like this after all the accusations we made at you!
Aneetha – (guilty) really Thahmin it was a mistake to accuse you for this families ruin. It was actually my fault. I’m sorry.

(Thahmin hands out the Akash and Anurag’s gifts to them)

Thahmin – (to Aneetha) No mum please don’t be upset. It wasn’t entirely your fault. Of course you thought about this family first which is being a good mother!
Aneetha – Thank you for saying!
Akash – but I don’t agree with this!

(everyone face Akash surprisingly)

Mozaquir – (to Akash) So you still object the fact that Thahmin isn’t the blame for this families ruin?
Akash – I don’t agree to the fact that she has to stay in our house!
Aneetha – But the matter is over now Akash!
Akash – no its not! She’s only giving us presents to make herself feel at home! (to Thahmin) why did you have to give us these presents? Don’t you know we only accept gifts from rich families and not poor orphan beggars like you!

(Akash throws the gift onto Thahmin’s face. She becomes heartbroken. Tears well up in her eyes)

Imdad – Akash!
Akash – (to Imdad angrily) Shut up! Who asked for you to speak like that?
Imdad – I said to myself that someone needs a bollocking around here and that’s you!
Akash – (to Imdad angrily) hey Imdad!
Malini – enough both of you!

(a slight pause. Thahmin utters an innocent whimper and jogs out of the room sadly)

Malini – (to Akash) why don’t you ever keep your mouth shut? You freak!
Akash – why don’t you shut that trap and continue your shit shopping with that hideous girl!
Rakesh – hey Akash! don’t dare talk like that with my wife understand?
Akash – then ask her who told her to interfere in my argument?
Rakesh – But you didn’t have to talk like that about Thahmin!
Akash – who cares! I do what I want!

(Akash leaves the room furiously. everyone are angry at Akash)

Scene 6 – In Thahmin’s Room

(Thahmin is sitting on her bed once again weeping. She has a few visions of what Akash was saying in the living room. Then she takes out a pen and searches for some paper and after finding some she starts writing)



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