Myspace Dragon Wars tips, hints, free train and more

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Do you want Myspace Dragon Wars cheats, tips, or hints related to the game? I am obsessed to the game and I will share what I know about Myspace Dragon Wars. Play smartly and you will not need any cheats.

Are you looking for more Myspace Dragon Wars alliance members to add to your game? Join my a train that will help you grow your alliance and make the game much easier to defeat. Get a massive alliance so you can do the missions in the higher levels easily.

Buy as much properties in Myspace Dragon Wars as quickly as you can, do not outfit alliance in all the best equipment; you will not have enough money to build evenly. A purchase property in bulk when possible to save money in the end and this is not considered any type of cheats.

Only buy enough equipment to make the missions until you are brining in a few million an hour, then began amassing equipment for you alliance. Grow that alliance by hopping adding friend to your game, and visit some of those players and barrow their friend lists.

Buy equipment in the same defense status for your alliance. It s stupid to have one person fighting with the best equipment while the rest struggle with something like a stick. This is why you get a large amount of cash coming in at once; you can snag the top equipment you can before you begin fighting in Myspace Dragon Wars.

When you get enough experience points, you can move up to the next level. You have the opportunity of putting a few extra points on: attack, defense, energy, health or to add your stamina so you can battle with other Myspace Dragon Wars alliance members easier.

Equipment will help on attack or defense so why bother putting it there. Your health really will not matter if you are just playing the missions on Myspace Dragon Wars rather than fighting.

There are no cheats to add friends to your alliance, try step 1 above instead and we will help you. There are no cheats to get cash try step 2 above. There are no cheats for free equipment which to fight with, try step 3 above. There are no cheats what so ever in the Myspace Dragon Wars game.

If you want even more names read this article, and there are names near the bottom of the page of players looking to increase their alliances.


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