How To Send SMS From Your Computer For Free

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SMS (Short Message Service) is an easy way to communicate quick messages on the fly. However, they can be costly. Although SMSs are usually sent from a phone, they can also be sent from your computer very easily. In this article I will show you how to do so in a few different ways, all for free.

Method #1: AIM and iChat

This is the easiest and most integrated way. First off, you will need on AIM (AOL Instant Messenger.) If you don’t already have one, register for free at AOL. Now add your new account to iChat. Go to preferences > accounts and click on the little plus button. Fill in your credentials. Now, click on file > send SMS and type in the desired phone number. Now a normal chat window should appear, the only difference is you are talking to someone on a phone!

Bonus: Gmail also supports SMS. In the contacts menu click on the name of the person you wish to SMS, and click send SMS. Simple as that.

Method #2: The Internet

There are numerous websites out there that let you send SMS. Here are a few:


They work in similar ways. You enter the phone number you want to send a message to, your message, and their location.

Method 3#: Email

Each cellphone service has a email-to-SMS gateway. Here is a list of those gateways.


Sprint Nextel: ( for MMS)
T-Mobile: (SMS and MMS)
Verizon: ( for MMS)(limit TXT messages to 150 characters).
Cricket: (SMS)
Fido: (SMS)
If you don’t know the provider, you could just send it to all carriers. Your text message will only get delivered to the intended recipient’s box because the address is based on the phone number which is unique.

Carrier list provided by WikiHow. Follow this link for a much more in depth list of carriers


I hope this brief tutorial has helped you in some way, and even saved you some money. Feel free to comment your thoughts in the comments section.


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