How To Download MP3 Legally

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MP3 is one of the most popular method of audio file compression. Sound file can be compressed into very small space by MP3. When you play the file, the sound quality is unchanged. From the web, you can download MP3 music files and player software. Actually, you need to download the file before playing it, but for “streaming” audio you must play directly from a Web page.

Here, I will tell you how to download MP3 samples legally. I hope it will help you to get free MP3’s.

The first step is download MP3 player program from the Internet. You can look for applications such as MusicMatch Jukebox, Microsoft Media Player or WinAmp for Windows and MacAmp for Macintosh.

Then, to download songs, look for web sites that explicitly state that an artist has given permission. Look for Websites that claim downloading of songs is allowed by the artist. Find sites with legal downloads, then follow the links on those sites to other sites. You can use search engines on those sites to search by artist, song or genre.

To search by artist or song, type the name of the artist or song into the search box. Use the Enter or Return key to begin your search. To search by genre or other categories allowed by the search engine, click on the icon or down arrow to select the category of interest.

After that, you find a song that you like and download onto your computer.

Then, open the MP3 player program and play the file.


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