Is it fair for a man to cry in public?

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Is it fair for a man to cry in public?

Crying is a natural emotion of a human being. It helps him as an outlet to vent his natural emotions and sometimes grievances.

The moment a baby is born on this earth, it begins to cry. As far as a baby is concerned, it cries when it is hungry, when it suffers from any ailment or when it has unbearable pain. It is the mother, through her intimacy with the child, who understands the real cause or concern of the child and comes to the child’s rescue and mitigate its sufferings.

Therefore, as long as a man remains a child, crying is a natural and common phenomenon irrespective of the sex of the child. In fact no one criticizes a child for his or her crying. Besides, during the childhood crying is also considered as a sign of its immaturity. Even when the child enters into the stage of his or her teen, still his or her crying is considered only as a sign of immaturity or his or her physical or mental sufferings.

But the moment a teen child attains adulthood, breaking into tears is no longer considered as a sign of immaturity. It also raises a general presumption that there must be valid reason behind it.

On the other hand in the case of an adult woman, crying is a sign of her mental agony and physical sufferings; in some cases crying is a powerful weapon for a woman to accomplish her desire or mission by enforcing her wish on a person. Generally crying by a woman is considered as a sign of weakness even for a slightest cause or reason.

But crying by a man in public is generally considered as a taboo and in fact considered as a sign of feminism in him.

But times have changed. Crying is no longer considered as the exclusive privilege of a woman. Men are also equally entitled to cry to vent their natural emotions. Recently, when Roger Federer won the French Open title and became a grand slam winner for the first time in his tennis career, he broke into tears. After all, the French Open title had been eluding him many years ever since he came into the international tennis arena. The tears that he shed were out of his unlimited joy.

Therefore, men are also entitled to cry when he is happy or sad. When men accomplish something, say, he has achieved a stupendous task like passing an examination or winning a tournament, it is a joyous occasion that leads men break into tears. Similarly, when men lose their thick and thin, it is but quite natural to burst into tears. After all crying is an emotional outburst. Why should we prevent men from expressing their natural feeling? Why do men worry about others? After all they are affected. They have suffered. Therefore, they have got every reason to get emotional, get charged and burst into crying in public unmindful of others. Each man has got his own problem and controlled by a different situation that warrants him to vent his own feelings and emotions.

Besides, there is a scientific reason also that supports crying by men in public. Since women often vent their emotions by crying, they live longer than men. If men for fear of crying in public control their emotions and do not cry in public, they face the risk of heart attack.

Therefore, crying is a natural way of venting out your emotions and feelings and men cannot be exceptions; in fact they are at equal footing with women to cry in public !!


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