Planting Garlic

Growing your own garlic is as simple as could be.

You take a garlic bulb and section out all the cloves. You stick them in the ground and wait for them to grow.

Many people recommend that you plant them in the fall and let them come up the next spring. That is your own preference though.

You can still plant them now. They will grow fine. I just planted mine a few weeks ago and they are growing great.

You don’t need to get your garlic bulbs from a nursery or gardening center. Doing it that way costs more. That is, unless you want a special variety.

But, if you just want garlic like what you see in the produce section of the grocery store, buy it there. It is more economical and it works.

You can buy them in two garlic bulbs to a package. You can usually find them for less than a $1. They also sell single bulbs.

Now you are ready to plant. Once you have separated all the cloves,  make a row deep enough to cover the bulbs. Stick them in the ground, with the point facing up. Cover with dirt and you are done.

Garlic grow like onions. They are in the same family. So when they are ready, the tops will have yellowed and will probably have flopped over.

After you get them all dug, lay the bulbs out to dry for a few days.

After that, you can braid the tops together and hang them in a dry, cool place. Or you can snip off the tops and store in open weave bags or lay out flat on shelves in a cool, dry spot.

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