The New iPhone 3G S

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iPhone users have been waiting for this upgrade for years. Now, the iPhone can do all the things other phones can, and more. Read on to find out about the new features.

1. Multimedia Messaging

This feature allows you to send messages including images, contacts, and even apps, which was previouly impossible on the iPhone. This is a great little feature, which will make the iPhone more practical and fun to use.

2. Cut and Paste Ability

The new version of the iPhone allows users to cut or copy and then paste that information in a new document. This is most useful in the Notes app. The feature is very easy to use and very user-friendly. It makes notes and messaging faster and easier.

3. Landscape Keyboard in Notes, Mail, and Messaging Apps

I do not know why Apple did not allow users to type in landscape previously, but with this upgrade, users can use the keyboard in landscape mode in other apps, instead of only Safari. For me, this is one of the best benefits of this new version. It really makes life easier, as typing becomes faster and more practical.

4. Search

By popular demand, Apple have enabled a Search feature on the new iPhone. Now, users can search Contacts, Calendar Entries, Music, Notes, and Email. This is a nice feature because it will make browsing much faster.

5. Voice Memo Recorder

This is just a simple app that will record your voice so you can remember things such as your parking spot, or shopping list, etc.

6. Improved Stocks App

In the new version, the stocks app can also be viewed in landscape mode which allows for more information to be displayed; a great feature for those involved in the stock market.

Please keep in mind that there are some features and updates that I haven’t included here. For more detailed information, check the Apple Website.


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