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Adsense is a subject in the CPC or Cost Per Click. This is the amount of money advertisers pay to get one click. The higher this number the more you will earn per click and overall. Most articles tell how you can improve your CTR and talk a bit about the other things. Finally there is the Directive akan you exactly how to increase the CPC to get a lot of money do.

As you know, Adsense ads come from the AdWords program. In this program you can bid on keywords to get targeted keywords for what they are selling. Competition is only going to make so the market is so difficult to make a profit and you get downline.Tetapi hard if you make less jobs your ad will be less or no downline downline directly.

The profitability of a keyword measured in the number of conversions can be achieved. For example, if you spend one dollar and ten dollar you convert to dollars, then you only one keyword is found MENGUNTUNGKAN. The higher the profits, the higher will make a bid.

Basically, all you have to Do to get higher CPC is to increase the number of clicks that result in a conversion for you!

Easy to say, difficult to do. Not all traffic is the same. For example, traffic from stumble upon clicks is very small and almost no sales because the people who use services that seek fun Most of the time, not looking for something to buy. On the other hand, those who come from the times of most search engines look for some product or service. Conversion here akan higher.

So, where you can get the most webtraffic MENGUNTUNGKAN? The best of all is: Search Engine. Highest ranking in Google means more opportunities for you. Next MENGUNTUNGKAN very good source of traffic is Digg. Digg people who use technology savvy and are ready to make a purchase if they feel that they want to advertise a product in your ad. MENGUNTUNGKAN the third is the source of all social network traffic. Myspace, Facebook, Hi5 and many more. Teens are spenders, happy spenders by nature. They want to spend money for things they do not need and they do not like just to impress their friends. They are easy to kill.

You need to place your ads in places where people will see them with the intention to buy. A good place at the end of the article since they have been thought appropriate to the ideas, the idea of expenditure. This is called affect human behavior. If you spend too much time reading the Qur’an and the sites you will be trading soon tempted to try to trade shares. The same is true for your website. The more you talk about buying a product, the higher the number of sales will result in your ad.


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