DIY Fix Unbalanced Shower Door

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How to Fix an Unbalanced Shower Door

An unbalanced shower door is an annoyance that is easy to ignore. If it goes unattended, however, it can lead to larger problems in your home. Leaks and puddles can cause damage to you if your slip or to your home if the water gets under the flooring. Most shower doors have only a few moving parts. With a few simple tools and materials, you can fix the shower door yourself and avoid having to call a plumber or carpenter.

1. Make sure that the shower is dry. It makes it really hard to work if the shower is all wet and soapy. You want the shower to be dry.

Tip: Cover over the drain opening in case you drop a tool or part.

2. Determine the problem to find out why the shower door isn’t sitting the way that it should. If you don’t know the problem, then you can’t very well fix it. On a swinging door, the sweep may be broken. On a rolling door, the rollers may be cracked.

3. Remove the door by unscrewing any hinges and tipping the door out of its track.

4. Examine the track. Clean out mildew or grit. Dry it completely before applying lubricant.

5. Examine the door’s bottom. If the sweep is cracked or bent, replace it. If the rollers appear rusted or stuck, lubricate them. If they are cracked or broken, replace them.

6. Replace the door in its track. Test for balance and for water tightness.


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