5 DIY Steps to Beautiful Window Awnings

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While curtains and shades block out the sun almost entirely, window awnings provide shade without blocking your view and without stopping the sunlight from getting into the house. They help keep rain from getting into an open window or from drowning your window plants. And unlike curtains and shades you have many options when it comes to window awnings. There are cloth or metal awnings. There are circular or square awnings. And there are stationary or retractable ones too. Depending on your preference each option will provide a slightly different function so think before you buy.

1) When you buy an awning make sure it comes with the kit needed to attach it to your house. Most will, but still, make sure.

2) Assemble the awning on the ground, but make sure to keep the arms or swingers unattached.

Hint: In step three make sure your swingers are level to each other, if they aren’t your awning will rack.

3) Attach the swingers two thirds of the way up your window frame. Do this by screwing the swinger into the middle of the studs around your window.

Caution: In step four ask someone for help. Your awning might not look heavy, but falling from a ladder is never fun.

4) Connect your assembled awning to the side of your house. Screws hold best in studs. Take the time to find the studs so your awning doesn’t fall off the house.

5) Attach the swingers to the awning.


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