Last House on The Left Review

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Last House on The Left was a well publicized film yet I had no high expectations of what seemed to be another average and overrated re-make of a classic. As a huge fan of this film genre though I gave it a go and was glad to find it surpassed most re-makes like the Rob Zombie Halloween re-make and provided a good plot without the unnecessary gore of most recent films. The plot of the film is a rather simple one that doesn’t try to hard to be anything more than a good horror/thriller, a family on vacation at their lake house find themselves playing host to a group of criminals who they later discover to have beaten and raped their daughter before leaving her for dead. The parents must get their bloody revenge on this group before they discover the girl they left for dead. The daughter Mari; brilliantly played by Sara Paxton was a convincing actress who provided a good portrayal of an frightened young girl fighting for her life, whilst the gang of criminals leaders son Justin was played by Spencer Treat Clark of Unbreakable and Gladiator was plausible as the guilt ridden bystander of a brutal father and his accomplices crimes. I definitely enjoyed this film but believe it is a film that after its initial shocks has not much left to offer to make it worthy of a second viewing and I probably wouldn’t bother to watch it again, some horrors I find to be classics that I can watch repeatedly like my favorite Halloween or Friday the 13th, sadly this wasn’t one of them. Not a bad film but the unconvincing performances of Monica Potter as an angry mother out for brutal revenge and Riki Lindhome as gang leaders girlfriend Sadie detract from an otherwise passable horror. Overall I would probably give this film 3/5 and recommend it for at least a one time watch, enjoyable and easy to follow. Give it a go.


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