After All…I Made It!!

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Since I was a kid , I can say that I have experienced a lot of struggle in life. Struggle that would lead me to end my life. It started when our father will hit us with his hard belt. My brother and I would run after him. There are some instances that he will throw us something hard. I cannot forget the night when he hit my mother by the coconut branch in her head. We do not not know what to do that time.We did our best to save our Mom. Fortunately, we are able to escape. All these frustrations stopped when he totally left us on high school years. I thought that our life will already be okay beause our father already left us. I was wrong. We had face another challenge in life. Inspite of all these barriers, i did not give up. I applied in different scholarships just for me to study and fortunately I was able to get one that supported me for four years. At the same time, I worked as a Library Assistant in our school to be able to support my two younger brother. I did this for 8 years. To make it short, I graduated with flying colors.

Now, I am working in one of the biggest companies in our place. I was able acquire my own personal computer now. I was able to support my  Mom in her daily needs. We were able to buy some appliances for our house.

I made an article about my life inspire other people. We should not loose hope. Whatever you are facing right now, take it as a challenge.


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