Environmental Protection

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Over the past several years, the world has slowly become acutely aware of the significant changes in the environment . Much of these changes were brought about by the unabated attacks on the environment by man. In order to allow for sustainable human activity that will not adversely harm the environment, various governments across the world have adopted several approaches to influence and direct these approaches encompass three environmental policy levels; a) The command and control,  where direct regulation deal with physical pollution at the point sources with inspections to ensure environmental compliance  b) The voluntary agreements, where commercial organization agree to meet environmental obligations  c) The market-based instruments, where trading systems are utilized for the purpose of changing the behavior across the economy rather than control specific actions.

In adopting these approaches, a lot can be said of the divide that separates developed countries from developing and less-developed countries. Some developed countries have already widely adopted a mixture of the three levels of environmental policies. In contrast, many less-developed countries have not even gone beyond a clear enforcement of command and control policies.

Some countries have not yet progressed into the level of sophistication that developed countries have reached when it comes to environmental management and protection. But the institutions, platforms and mechanism to overcome all these stumbling blocks which all caused by politics are already present.  They just need to be harnessed.

The  challenge is here, right now, and at this very moment. We believe that that our hearts and minds are in sync on this matter. We just hope that other organizations also share the same view, and together, can forge a potent force towards the creation and maintenance of  a sustainable development in greater environmental management and protection.


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