Puppy Love As They Say

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Ohh as many people say what I fell is what they called puppy love.As sweet sixteen i know what true love is but many disagree and they refer what i’m feeling as Puppy Love. It’s really unfair. I cried each night and my tears are all in vain. How can I ever tell them this is not a puppy love, but a true true love.

They say this feeling will fade as time pass by. But I know it won’t end because I fell in love. All my life I’ve been so blue, waiting for someone just like him. Then he brought sunshine when I met him. Though we’ve never said a word, our love was meant to be. The way he came to me is like a mystery, now can’t you see, it was love, a true love and not merely a puppy love.

Can love so right be a love so wrong? Does it leave you weak instead of strong? Somebody tell me about this thing called love. Can a love be good when you feel so bad?Does it make you think that you’re going mad, gay and sad? Somebody tell me about this thing called love, when i first look in his eyes, and I thought he was the right one. Can a love so real can make you blue?or the other way around.

Puppy love as they say but i will make sure what i’m feeling right now is what they called love. Farther time I’ll proved to them I’m right.


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