My Happiness – Episode 2 – The Arguement At Supper – Part 2/2

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Aneetha – oh so now your being nosy? Mozaquir – nothing will make me change my decision about Thahmin staying in our house! No matter how many times I have to hear rude talks around this whole house! Anurag – (to Aneetha but referring to Mozaquir) its true that since this girl has stepped foot into this house there is already family problems! Mozaquir – the blame is for yourself Anurag! If only you and everyone else did accept the fact that Thahmin belongs to our family now! Akash – yeah we would have only if you had told us before! Aneetha – (to Akash) I wouldn’t have accepted her even if Mozaquir told us before!

(Akhtar enters)

Mozaquir – (to Akhtar) is the food ready? Akhtar – yes dad please come. Mozaquir – (shouts across the house) everyone supper is ready so come to the dining room now! Mozaquir – (to Akhtar) you sit down as well Akhtar! You’ve done enough work for today. Akhtar – (happily) yes dad I will.

(Akhtar sits onto a chair. Soon everyone except Thahmin enters the dining room and they all sit onto a chair each. They start eating. Mozaquir notices that Thahmin is missing from the table)

Mozaquir – (to everyone) where is Thahmin? Megha – who cares? No one does! Mozaquir – (angrily) shut up! Aneetha – what did she anything rude? No she didn’t. in fact she is right. As if we care for that hideous girl to come here and eat with us! Mozaquir – (to Imdad) Imdad? Where is Thahmin? Imdad – she might be upstairs. (getting up from his chair) I’ll go get her. Aneetha – (to Imdad angrily) hey your food is going to get cold! Eat and then go! Imdad – but mum Aneetha – I said Mozaquir – just go Imdad! don’t listen to her she is wrong!

(Aneetha stares surprisingly at Mozaquir and Imdad leaves the room and walks upstairs to Thahmin’s bedroom)

Scene 5 – In Thahmin’s Bedroom

(Imdad opens the door and finds Thahmin sitting on her bed crying innocently. Imdad walks towards Thahmin and sits beside her)

Imdad – (touches Thahmin’s right knee with his left hand) hey what’s with the tears? Come on cheer up! Thahmin – (sobs) don’t I have a right to cry now as well? Imdad – oh no I didn’t mean it like that way.

(he removes his hand from Thahmin’s knee and folds his both hands together across his chest) What I meant was you shouldn’t feel tp upset because you’re here Thahmin – no its not because I’m here! I like being here but I never knew your whole family wouldn’t know I’m coming to their own house! No one here likes me. My parents died when I was young and now I have to live up with people criticising me! Imdad don’t say things like that; this family is kind and friendly. If someone does anything wrong then the family might be mad with them. Of course everyone becomes angry if anyone makes mistakes that they weren’t supposed to make. Like when my dad brought you here without telling us. If he had told us earlier then I’m sure no one in my family would have had a problem with you coming here. But my dad didn’t do that and everyone here now thinks he did the wrong thing. So they hate you. Thahmin – you didn’t tell anyone either.

(a slight guilty pause from Imdad and then he sighs)

Imdad – I know I should have told everyone but my dad didn’t let me! He pleaded to me not to tell the secret to anyone here so I couldn’t. wouldn’t it be heartbreaking if you break your own father’s trust? Thahmin – I don’t know about this because I’ve never had parents. Imdad – Then you will get to know about families. There is nothing more important than having a family. Without a family no human or animal can survive. Thahmin – Well I didn’t have a family and I survived! Imdad – You did when you were born! Without your mother could she even give birth to you? No she couldn’t. so you survived because of your mother. And god as well! Thahmin – (laughs) Thanks for trying to explain! Imdad – ok come downstairs now your having supper with us! Thahmin – (looks up at Imdad) Oh no I cant! Not in front of those family members who hate me! Imdad – (grabs Thahmin right hand) Oh come on you’ll enjoy it! Thahmin – (trying to remove Imdad’s hand from her hand) Please Imdad don’t do this. I can’t go like this they’ll call me a scrubber!

(Imdad takes Thahmin downstairs and into the dining room. Aneetha, Rakesh, Anurag, Megha, Iqbal and Akash stare angrily at Thahmin)

Mozaquir – welcome Thahmin sit down!

(Imdad brings her to the table. Thahmin stares at everyone as if she is too scared to face them)

Akash – (to Imdad sarcastically) that was good you brought her Imdad! Imdad – oh its my pleasure! Akash – I didn’t mean it you idiot! Imdad – I know you didn’t

(Imdad stares angrily at Akash)

Aneetha – talk respectively to him Imdad! Imdad – why doesn’t he not understand that Thahmin is our sister now! Anurag – it is definitely true that since this girl has stepped into our house! Mozaquir – oh shut up! Aneetha – (to Thahmin angrily) why are you here? Get lost! We don’t want to see you in our house! You cannot eat with us girl go now!

(Thahmin lets out an innocent sob of grief, gets herself out of the chair and runs out of the dining room. Mozaquirs rage starts building)



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