All That Matters…


Together we sit in the midst of infinite,

resting for a speck of eternity.

As I look into your eyes they open like shutters..

In I peer as if seeing through the windows of your essence..

We lay and look up into the night sky, watching the stars hang by strings.

Strings played like a harp, for in their awsome beauty it’s music to the sight.

Two people in the middle of forever seem almost insignificant,

but within its great splender, you’re all that matters.

This poem could be about that special someone.  Someone who makes the whole world vanish around you.  I attempt to emphasize the importance of love and how precious our life is here.  Despite the wonderous universe around us, we still value each other with equal regards. The time we share with the ones we love can truly be compared to the vastness of forever, even if we are merely finite.  Love is like a rare gem resting in the middle of space and time.  You might only experience it for a moment but it will be remembered always.  Remember to have something nice to say to someone you care about.  Treat them with the same respect you would a strange guest in your home.  Admire them today, for they might be gone tomorrow! Be the one to give in first.  Always say you’re sorry if you really are.  Be there to help them even when you’re busy, and most importantly, always remember to tell them you love them each and ever single day! I love you all!

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