How to earn extra money from bukisa

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How to earn more money on Bukisa

I think you can find many similar topics on the internet and I decide to write one of them today based on my experience. I found this website as I heard many of my friends had earned some money from it. Therefore, I decided to write some article and post them here so that it can earn me some money for my further studies.

I am not afraid to say that I am still a newbie to this site as I just joined three days ago. So far, I had earned $ 0.23 USD in these three days. Even though it is not a huge amount of money, but I think it is a good start for me as this is the first time I earn myself some money on the internet.

For your information, Bukisa is a website which will publish your article, video, slide and audio for free; in fact they will give you money when other people view your published file.I am sure that you can easily do so at home when you are free. Bukisa have an index for paying you money and currently it pay at $3.42 USD for every 1000 unique visitors.

The other advantage of Bukisa is that you don’t have to ask your visitor to click on any advertisement there to get paid. They will pay you when people view your content published no matter it is an audio, video, slide show or articles.

The more content you publish your there, the more visitor you might get. By the time you have many article and don’t want to publish anymore, you will still be paid when others view your content. Isn’t that great!

Besides that, you can also make a network there and you will be able to earn part of the money they earn. Of course, their money will not be deducted but yours will increase.

If you are interested in joining bukisa after reading this article of mine, kindly click the link below to join now and become part of my network. You must remember that how you treat other now is how other people treat you later. I am sure that you want to see your network grow later after you join this site.

Thank you for reading and remember to bookmark my profile for more articles of mine in the future.

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