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The Sotomayor comfirmation, New taxes acoming, Stimulus & Bailouts and …National Healthcare?

    I wonder sometimes if there are people in leadership positions in this country who play this game called “lets see if the American people are paying attention!”. And if they are, “just how stupid are they?”.
    Let’s see. TRILLIONS of dollars spent on stimulus and corporate bailouts and what do have up to this point? Nearly 10% unemployment, all that money sent to General Motors and they still had to go into bankrupcy, record deficits, more government control in the private sector and in people lives. And now Obama wants even more taxpayer funded “stimulus” money?! Where are all the saved and created jobs from the first “pork-ulus” bill? I guess we’ll just take Obamas’ word for it that they actually exist! Even some in the state sponsored media aren’t buying this line of crap.
    Whatever happened to “tax cuts for 95% of Americans”? Oh, and wasn’t it McCain who got lambasted by Obama for suggesting a small tax on employer provided insurance plans?
    From what I understand of the concept, the Value Added Tax, or VAT, wouldn’t be such a bad idea. It’s a much fairer way of taxing if it REPLACED the income tax, and not became an addition to it. But we know that is not going to happen.
    Just how are Democrats going to pay for “free” health care? Oh, that’s right, Obama just came out with pay-as-you-go congressional spending rules, no new spending without equivilant spending cuts or TAXES. Like he had nothing to do with all the spending in the last six months.
    These next statements are understandable to grown-ups only: There is no “free” health care; Canada and UK health care systems prove that quality and availability will suffer with government run health care. Government spending on The New Deal, the War on Poverty, economy stimulus, corporate bailouts, welfare, social security, medicare, medicaid, schools or ANYTHING that government puts their grubby paws on, does not, WILL NOT EVER, produce the desired result! EVER!

    I am so sick and tired of Obama and the Democrats using the term “crisis” to ram in their nonsense. Even though nobody in congress read the thing, the “stimulus” just had to get to get through immediately, “to avoid further economic crisis”, even though most adults understood the bill was just a payoff to democratic constituencies and wasn’t going to stimulate anything. Now we’re getting the same “we gotta get it done” crap concerning health care and Sotomayors confirmation.  
    Just when is America going to say NO? Since the Republican Party has proven to be an impotent joke and almost as much as the problem as the Democrats, it is with much sadness and despair that I predict that the America that we grew up with and have known, will not exist anymore. What that specifically means, I’m not sure. A third world country? A fractured territory beyond repair(think civil war, with nobody winning)? A dictatorship? A conquered nation? What I do know for sure is that freedom in this country is dying a slow death.    
    Before his election, Obama spoke to Planned Parenthood and stated that he would choose judges based on their “empathy for the single mom, young black male, gay, disabled and blah, blah, blah”. Nowhere was there mention of the Constitution, just identity politics. So Sotomayor gets nominated and we hear past quotes from her like “I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experience would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn’t lived that life” and “judges make policy, I know I shouldn’t say that, I’m being videotaped, hee hee”. Not to mention the New Haven firefighter reverse discrimination case that she ruled on. She is exactly what Obama wants in a judge. Okay, whatever, I know I can’t stop it. But then Obama has the nerve to talk about the rule of law concerning her and she has some meetings with Democratic senators and they come out and praise “judge Sotomayor’s commitment to the rule of law is clear and unequivocal” Really!? It seems to me that instead of the Constitution, her version of the law will be “color coded”.

Gosh, let’s imagine if a white male said something to that effect. What are the odds that he would be able to keep his job, never mind be considered for the highest court in the land!? White men have been fired for a lot tamer opinions. But without a doubt, she will be confirmed.
    I just wish somebody would expose all this bullspit.    arjay 06/11/09


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