Never Be Affected By Stress

Everybody experience stress. A certain amount is even good for you. Too much stress can damage your physical, emotional and mental heath. Since it is not always possible to prevent stress, we all have to learn how to reduce it. Let me share some techniques  on how you will handle stress. These techniques is actually based on my experience. You can choose which you think will best work for you. You can even make them part of your life.

1. Prevent It

How much stress do you cause just by puuting unnecessary  pressure on yourself?Do you over react to little things that annoy you? E\very time you let anger or frustration take control, it drains always good energy and sidetracks you from important things. Obviously, you can’t always control what goes on around you, but you can control how you respond. Try a little more patience next time you get caught in traffic and you’ll avoid unnecessary stress.

2. Set Goals

Some people drift through life going from crisis letting stress build up. If you set goals, you can take better control of your life. Think where you’d like to be in one yearor five years. Be realistic with small, daily goals, then build up from there. You have to re- evaluate your goals from time to time and be prepared to adjust them as  changes  occur in your life.

3. Establish Priorities

Do you odten feel rush because “there’s no time”? Why not regulate the pace of your life?Plan ahead. Make a list of tasks in order of priority. Concentrate on what’s reallly important to you and drop those things that only waste your energy.

4. Take Time Out

Spend few minutes alone each day  to break the routine. This help ease stress and gives you a better. perspective of what’s  around you. Set aside time during the week for recreation, hobbies or exercise.

I hope these tips will be helpdul to you to fight stress.

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