To Find A Lost Sister Dead

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Ruby Rose Barrameda-Jimenez, sister of actress and former beauty queen Rochelle Barrameda, has been missing since March 14, 2007. On June 10, 2009, she was found. Unfortunately, no joyous reunion would occur for she was found lifeless inside a steel case.

Ruby’s disappearance in 2007 prompted Rochelle to publicly ask for assistance in finding her or for any information regarding her whereabouts. She has suspicions that the husband and in-laws had something to do with her sister’s disappearance.

As the story goes, Ruby was a battered wife and has filed a case against her husband Manny Jimenez III before she disappeared. The case was dismissed.

Gruesome Death

An informant connected to the Jimenez family guided the police in a two-week search of the Manila Bay waters off Navotas City. There, they found a steel case estimated to weigh about 2 tons and required special handling. The informant gave highly detailed instructions how to extract the body by pointing out how the body was positioned inside the drum. These instructions must be followed to avoid damaging the body.

Inside the drum, Ruby’s body was found. A plastic bag was over her head and she had a belt around her neck. She was handcuffed. She was cemented inside a steel drum which was encased in concrete and sealed in a steel plate box.

A Fight For Justice

As it is, Rochelle is determined to pursue justice for Ruby’s death. Murder charges were filed against Ruby’s husband Manuel Jimenez III, Her father-in-law Manuel Jimenez, Jr., and Manny’s uncle who owns the fishing company in Navotas City.

According to Rochelle, they have repeatedly tried asking for assistance to find Ruby during her disappearance but the Jimenez family never wanted to talk to them.

The Barrameda family’s quest to find Ruby Rose has finally ended, but on a bitter note. Nobody deserves to die in the way she did. What was done to her is not only cruel but downright inhumane. I sincerely hope the Barrameda’s will get the justice they seek.


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