The Superstitious

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It’s human – to not get away from a thing, with which one is associated or to stick to something which even if is unhealthy – mentally or physically. To get things done in the wrong way, illegal way, unethical way is the order of the day in India. That”s why corruption is so strongly rooted here.
The same is about superstition. Even in the highly technically influenced 21st century, almost each one of us has, and believe – knowingly or unknowingly – in one superstition or the other.
The same has happened today. That”s 07/07/07. A date that comes ones in a century, which gives you pleasure of reading it as mm/dd/ yy or dd/mm/yy or even howsoever may you like it. On this day many a couple, who were engaged to be married, chose this date. The reasons ? Well, they best know it. But this is not happening only in a country full of superstitions and superstitious people – India – but its happening all over the world.
Now, why have alllllllllllllll the people the world over have suddenly gone so superstitious ?? The answer is may be (I say may be because this is a very very personal thing) because no one wanted to miss the once in a lifetime opportunity of 07/07/07.  Another thing, the importance of 7 is also mentioned in the Bible, in the Quran, in the Gita, well 7 seems to be just about everywhere.
Interestingly, there are more 7s associated.  A bride takes 7 pheras with her husband, then she takes 7 oaths, then (the worst ?) — both the bride and the bridegroom promise each other to be with each other all the 7 lives (which they think that this”s their first life 🙂 ). 
And even the new 7 wonders too are to be announced today.  Wouldn”t life have been gloomy without  7 ?  What do you say ?


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