Parenting: how to keep your children safe from online predators

It’s a common issue nowadays to have child predators online. We have seen many stories on the news about mentally ill people going online to lure children to their home for abuse. It could be any form of abuse. Children should not have to endure this kind of brutality.

What can you do to protect your children?

You can set limit on computer usage. You should also allow internet use in the family room so you can monitor their usage. You should not allow underage kids to chat online. This is how they meet crazy people. They should have kids friends from school to talk on the phone with and that should be sufficient.

You can talk to your children about how unsafe it is to meet people in person. You should always teach your children to never get inside people’s car or to go inside their home. It’s not safe.

You should definitely monitor your children internet usage. The internet is a bad thing for underage kids and they don’t need to use it just yet. They don’t need to do a lot of things online. It’s best that they don’t have internet on their computers. They can borrow your computer from time to time but they should not have it on their own computer. People online can be mentally ill. They can go anywhere and everywhere just so they can pick up a kid and abuse them.

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