Even after 20 years Germany is still divided.

The day before yesterday I read a really nice article on a German news site which said that the German government guesses that Eastern Germany will probably reach the economical level of Western Germany in the next 10 years.For people living in Eastern German that is of course a very shocking News although we are totally aware thatwe – the new states of Germany – are even after 20 years still behind the west part of Germany in many different ways.

The first point is of course the fact the govournment mentioned. The economic climate in the new states of Germany is really bad. For sure it
is not as bad as the situation in the Third World countries but the differences are really big.
The fact that the most famous cities are located in the west part of Germany is also attracting to the tourists of course so tourists are not that common
in the Eastern part. One of the less moments when tourists come here is in Summer when everyone wants to go to the sea.

On the other hand the government also thinks that the financial crisis did not affect Eastern Germany as much as Western Germany which is logical toeveryone because in how far the financial crisis can affect us when here is nothing it could affect.

There are neither a lot of job possbilities nor there is money left. If there was anything left the government would invest much more in the new states.
Of course now they can take the financial crisis as an excuse but even when this period over will they change anything?

One of the biggest differences are the loans.
In the old states of Germany (West Germany) you achieve for the same job like 2€ more per hour than a worker does in the new states.
However appartments are also more expensive in Western Germany so you can say it balances each other.

Speaking as an Eastern German I can also convey that even the Wall fell 20 years ago these East and West Germans thoughts are still on many people’s minds. To make it comprehensible for everyone: Many Eastern Germans can get along better with people from the east part of Germany as well.
The reasons are not really given. Some people think Western Germans are wasteful and not so open minded like the East Germans.
In contrast to that West Germans will think about the East German most of the time that those people are stingy and not that social like they are.
That should not be a generalisation of course but in many people’s minds that is the truth.
But it does not change the fact that many people who were originally born in the east part will go to the west part because the job offers are simply better. However most of them do not do it because they like to leave their home but just because they have no other way.

All we can still hope is that a united Germany will exist sometime not only as a name but also in the economy and in everyone’s hearts.

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