God and Weaknesses

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Weaknesses can be a pain.  You work hard to change it, but it never seems to change.  I know exactly for you feel.  My work ethic isn’t the best.  I try to develope it, but it just seems to grow slowly.  Fatigue only makes it worse.  Motivating myself is tough.

The worse part about weaknesses is that they seem to pull us back.  You wonder if you can complete your task.  I’m in the exact same spot.  Try finding the motivation to fill out job application after job application.  Then after a while, I don’t feel like filling out more.  This means that I’m not finding a job because I am not searching hard.

I have come to the conclusion that there is one solution.  Humility.  God has a way of forcing you into humility.  At that point you have no choice but to ask Him for help.  God might or might not take away your weakness.  Paul had a thorn in his flesh.  God did not take it away so that Paul would remain humble (2 Cor 12:7).  He will find ways to work around your weaknesses.  If you can’t make it happen, God can make it happen.  He used Aaron to help Moses with his poor speaking ability.  God might give us the strength to overcome it, but still make it a challenge.  He would have it stay a challenge so that we continue depending on him.

How does this apply to my lack of a work ethic?  I’m now at the point at which I must depend on God.  Prayer must now preceed any activity that involves work.  I must now pray for the ability to push myself through daily tasks.  I don’t know how things will change, but I know that God will work things out.

In Christ,
James Tuttle


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