Everything ain’t always been Crazy

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When we were young (my wife tells my daughter) things were different from what they are now.  Back then Ladies were Ladies and Gentlemen were Gentlemen—everything ain’t always been crazy she says.  Really, have things changed that much; have they changed at all?

We as a generation talk about the “Good old days.”  To us they were the good old days, but remember when we were teenagers our parents talked about the “Good old days?”  I remember and I guarantee you, they weren’t talking about when we were teens but when they were.  My mother used to tell me, “Everything ain’t always been crazy.  When I was a teenager Mother would say, “Gentlemen were gentlemen and Ladies were ladies.”

I remember one time Grandma told me, “Your mother’s generation was so wild, but everything ain’t always been crazy.”  When I was a girl Grandma said, Ladies were ladies and Gentlemen were gentlemen.

I suspect things have not changed very much if any.  That’s three generations that said the same thing about the next generation and tells them that things haven’t always been crazy.  My wife talks about how wild our kid’s generation is.  Grandma talked about how wild my mother’s generation was, and Mother talked about how wild my generation was.  Tell me if you can how have things changed?  I think a better saying might be that, “Things have always been crazy.  I also suspect that they always will be crazy.  I see no reason to believe that they are going to change anytime soon.


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