Treatment of Psoriasis and related skin conditions.

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  1. Psoriasis is a serious skin condition that can cause itching, redness of skin, and it is very unattractive to the eye.  Psoriasis is not curable but it can be effectively managed over a person’s lifetime.  It seems that Psoriasis and related skin conditions have a genetic component.   The condition causes scabs to form, itching, and irritation.   There are a number of treatment methods to keep the condition under control and provide relief to those afflicted.

One treatment option is the use of topical creams that contain small amount of steroids.  One such cream Cyclocort, has been used for over 20 years and appears to work very well.  In addition, Pine Tar was initially used to treat Psoriasis however; it was messy and had a very bad odor.  Pine Tar is rarely used today and it has been replaced with more effective agents.There are over the counter creams that are supposed to help Psoriasis however, these medicines have very limited value and are not as effective as a prescription. 

Psoriasis is not contagious and cannot be transmitted from one person to another.  The steroid creams used to treat the condition seem to sooth the itch and promote healing.  However, many times when treatment is stopped the conditions returns within a short period of time.  Topical creams only treat the condition on the surface.  Your doctor can discuss the various treatments and options when dealing with Psoriasis.

There is no reason why a person should suffer with this condition.  Although Psoriasis is not curable, it can be controlled. 


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