Top 4 Ways to Make Quick Cash on Craigslist

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Setting up a yard sale often requires a large amount of work. Organizing, cleaning, and pricing numerous items must be done before the sale. An entire morning or set block of time has to be reserved to the actually hold the yard sale. Posting items on Craigslist dot com can be a great alternative to having a yard sale. Here are 4 great ways to make quick cash on Craigslist.

*These are separate ideas to be tried in different ads.

1. Sell in Lots

Find groups of items that will be more valuable if sold together For example children’s clothes sell well in lots. Create like groups of clothes for each gender and sell. An entire wardrobe that your child has outgrown usually has 40 to 60 pieces. This is fifteen to twenty outfits, shoes, socks, and accessories. This lot can be priced at $30, $ 50, or more. Items that sell well in lots are dishes, housewares, shoes, beach wear, toys, dvds, video games, software, or books.

2. Accept Offers

Make a great paragraph that describes what you are offering. In the paragraph include details and a picture. If you do not have a camera list the item anyway.

3. Sell Furniture

Furniture moves fast on Craigslist. Any furniture item that is in functional condition, usually sells quickly.

4. If you feel there is nothing you can sell to make extra income provide professional services. Clean houses, lawn service, consulting services, or search the free section. Pick up items that people are giving away and sell them on Craigslist

*Use twitter, myspace, and facebook to adverise your craigslist ads.

Listing one or two items on Craigslist each day, can create a small steady stream of interested people contacting you about the items listed for sale. Always meet unknown parties in public areas, and bring a friend. Use these tips to help earn a consistent flow of  quick craigslist cash.


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