12 Internet Sites for Freelance Writers

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12 Ways to Make Money Writing on the Internet

Freelance writing is the dream of many writer but getting your name in a magazine or newspaper can be very difficult. In the mean time, while you are waiting for the New Yorker to call, why not try writing on-line? Money can be made here, but diligence is key to your success. Here is a brief review of 12 of the best known sites, and yes, Bukisa is on the list.

Associated Content.com. They pay by the view, but you can get upfront payments as well. One million views, means one thousand dollars. Their posting process is a bit slow, as they review every article you submit and if it does not follow their many, many guidelines, they will not post it but instead will ask you to resubmit it. There are 3 different options of how you want your article controlled by AC so be very careful when you submit your article under one of their options. They are also very cautious about plagiarism and if your article or even a part of your article appeared on-line anywhere, (blogs, other sites, etc.), they may accuse you of plagiarism and promptly drop you as a contributor.

Bright Hub.com. You’ll need a writing resume and samples to join this group. They do require completely original content and they diligently ensure all content is your own work. They specialize in articles that help people understand how technology impacts their work, their play, and their lives. If you get accepted, you can make some nice money. They are looking for professional writers only, therefore the pay is better. They will pay writers $10 for each article, approximately 300-750 words in length, and they pay any future revenues based on the articles popularity. 

Bukisa.com. This site allows you to submit any kind of article, such as book review, how to articles, gaming hints and cheat articles, and poetry or religious articles. The scope is quite broad. You can also post your articles from other sites here, and make money form the same article on this site as well. They pay by unique views (not the same as clicks) to your articles. However the biggest draw to this site is that this is one site where you can make money off of other writer’s articles. They have a 3 person down-line process where anyone who joins from your page and they write articles, you earn 25% of what they earn. You also earn a percentage from anyone who joins under the person who joined under you. Ideally, you can post a few articles, get a lot of people to join under you and earn money all without ever posting another article. Some writers earn more off their down-line than their own articles.

Constant Content.com Similar to Textbroker.com, except the pay seems a lot better. It is a freelance writing website for writers who are looking to make a little extra money online. You can sell articles you’ve written on their site and set your own price on them. You can also write for requests and earn some nice money. Join them, but read their FAQ first. Be careful, each submitted article is checked against various database and search engines to make sure it hasn’t simply been copied from somewhere else (writers who do this are quickly banned). They also allow web masters to purchase unique rights to your articles, which will take the article off the site so no one else can buy it. Constant Content is geared specifically for website publishers.

Demand Studios.com. You got to be accepted to write for them, they ask for a resume and writing samples before they approve you. You earn a portion of the earnings generated from an article you publish through Demand Studios. When you’re accepted as a writer, you will need to supply basic tax information including a social security number. They accept writers, filmmakers, copy editors, transcribers and title proofers. They pay per assignment, but payments are made through PayPal every week. No checks. No paperwork and no hassle.

eHow.com. This is an enjoyable and great way to make money writing online. The key is to write lots of well written articles with good key words in your artices and get the word out to everyone. Don’t write junk; it won’t be respected and will usually be removed after a period of time. A nice feature of eHow is you get to select which articles of yours are your favorites. The articles you select as your favorites will then be posted to your profile page. This is a great way to bring older articles that have fallen down the list, back into circulation.

Firehow.com. This site is similar to eHow and you can post your eHow articles on here, and make money on this site as well. Any article you double post, you must change a few keywords and the title. You are free to write about any subject as long as it is a how-to article. How to fix something, make something, build something, etc. Their pages are not as professional looking as eHow but they are still fun to write for.

Helium.com. This site has an article rating system that may or may not be a benefit to you. You have to apply and be approved to write for them, but as per their user agreement, you give up all rights to your article once it is approved. This means you can not re-publish it anywhere else and Helium can do whatever they want to your article, including editing the crap out of it and posting a final article that looks nothing like the one you originally submitted.

Hubpages.com This site basically allows you to create a Hubpage from your well written article which you then post ad links to your page. You make money off the ads on your Hubpage, not off your article content. However, if your article is a hot topic article and it gets lots of traffic because of its content, the ads will likely be clicked on and you will make money. It is kind of like having your own web page on any topic you are interested in and know well, and the ads on your page are secondary thoughts but they are the moneymakers. HubPages earns its revenue from these ads, so they split the earnings with the writer of the Hubpage. Keep in mind that the key to earning royalties and commissions on Hubpages is to write quality content that new readers will discover every day.

Suite101.com. There is an approval process to join, much the same as Demand Studios and Helium, except they pay better. You got to be accepted and to write for them, they ask for a resume and writing samples before they approve you. Be careful, each submitted article is checked against various database and search engines to make sure it hasn’t simply been copied from somewhere else (writers who do this are quickly banned).

Textbroker.com. This site does pay, and it pays pretty well. You have to be approved to join, and will need to submit writing samples and a resume. You can earn a few dollars just from writing one article. It depends on the demands from the client. You write on client’s request, and some of the articles can be from 100 words, to 400, or more…the more words, the more money. You write what a customer wants and different customers will ask for several rewrites. Some of the writing takes some work and a little research.

Xomba.com. You can write your articles on other sites, and then post a brief summary of the article on Xomba, along with the link to help get more views, and at the same time earn money from them as well. You can also use this site to advertise your blogs or articles from other sites. You can also write articles for them directly. To post your eHow or Bukisa articles, blogs, etc, you’ll need to post under My Xomblurbs. You’ll need to get a Google ad sense account, to earn money. It’s easy and free, just read their FAQ.


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