Review of Karin Slaghter. An edgy suspense writer.

After discovering a Karin Slaughter book whilst browsing the various books on display at a local shop I soon became gripped by her effective plot twists and turns anxiously desperate to discover what was going to happen next. The inventively titled fracture was a thrilling page turner from start to finish with its brilliantly thought out plot, captivating back story, complicated character relations and well researched details that make it a fantastic action suspense novel. The author has the ability to pull you into the characters world and make it feel as though events were unfolding around you giving her books a spellbinding quality. Fracture centered around one main character with a compelling back story and strangely endearing personality, the book also featured some well placed sub characters who provided excellent input each with their own unique back story sometimes intertwining with the other character’s. Having never read one of her books before I had begun with Fracture which is the second in her Atlanta series, even though I hadn’t read the previous one called Triptych it was not difficult for me to catch up and I did not feel as though I had missed out on anything important as previous relationships with other characters are briefly mentioned giving history much appreciated, especially if you have not read the previous book. I soon finished reading fractured and immediately recommended it to my sister who as it turned out had also just discovered Karin Slaughter books and was equally as impressed with her works as I was.

Realizing she had other books out I soon started catching up on them and found her Grant County series to be just as gripping as the Atlanta series, it featured different characters but with a similar theme. The characters in the Grant County series are well rounded and thought out, again with fascinating back stories and their fair share of dramas. Again I started somewhat in the middle of the series with Indelible but found it easy to catch up on previous events without feeling to lost and confused. With the previous series installments of Blindsighted, Kisscut and A Faint Cold Fear I had thought I would have quite a lot of catching up to do but Karin generously provided details here and there of earlier events making it not impossible to begin with this book if you haven’t read the previous ones in the series. I often find myself disappointed at the end of one of her books that there isn’t more as I desperately want to know what will happen to these creative characters in their eventful lives. Upon hearing that there is another installment to the Grant County series due out in July 2009 called Undone or Genesis I have begun counting down the months until I have another good book to get my teeth into and I am sure I won’t be disappointed with her latest efforts. Being a fan of well known talented authors such as Clive Cussler, Richard Laymon, Matthew Reilly, Dean Koontz and Stephen King I can now add Karin Slaughter to my list of favorites. With her flair and talent I’m sure she will be just as well known and become a big favorite of mystery fans all around the world, I would definitely recommend her to anyone who likes to be drawn in to a story, try to guess the ending or just enjoy a good well structured plot. Overall she has become a firm favorite of mine and others I know who read her books, hopefully she will become a favorite of yours as well.

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