Runescape Online

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 have been playing runescape for quite some time and it is one of the best Multiplayer online games there is, its an online game where you can play with tons of other people, with over 1 million accounts already created. You can play directly from your browzer which means no download required, There is Non Members, and Members , which for members is only about 5$ a month.There are plenty of skills that will keep you busy such as,
Attack– this skill proves how often you will hit, Strength– This skill will make you hit higher, Defence– this skill prevents you from getting hit,- Range– this determs how high you hit with a bow and arrow, Prayer– there are over 30 prayers you can use, some of them will help you in combat while others will help you with skills, this is a very help full skill, Magic– there are over 100 magic spells that you can use to enchant, convert, or use in combat, Cooking– this skill determins how often you will burn the food you try to cook,Woodcutting– this is a prime money making skill where you can cut down 10 different variety of logs and sell to people all of runescape-Fishing– you can catch fish to cook or sell,Firemaking– this skill is used to build fires in which you can use to cook food, Mining & Smithing– you can mine ores all of runescape and use them in a furnace to get bars in which you can make into armour or swords,Herblore– this skill is used to make potions that can do a variety of things to either raising certain skills or curing poison diseases,Agility– this skill determins how fast your energy or “run” you have is restored, the run features allows you to run fast, but it only at 100% and it restores faster with agility, but goes down as your run, Thieving– this skill is needed for quest you can steal from NPC’s in the game or stalls,Slayer- this is the killing of certain monsters in the game, you talk to slayer masters who give you tasks to kill monsters,Farming– this skill you just plant seeds in gardens and grow valuable herbs, or vegatables and fruits. Runecrafting– this is the best skill to make money, in this skill you have the ability to make runes which are a tab like item which are used in the magic skill, these are wanted all over runescape and are paid greatly for.Hunter– this skill you can go all over runescape and catch a different variety of animals, Construction– This is a skill where you can build a house all to your self.Summoning– This skill you can summon beast to help you train skills or help you fight in combat.
The skills are just the start of runescape, there are over 30 towns to visit through out the map, dungeons, Corridors, Caves, Oceans, Islands and many more places to go. There are a variety of monsters to kill that range from levels 1 to levels 700, which i dont reccomd the 700’s for beginners. There are over 100 quests that can be done , which require traveling all over the game batteling monsters and demonds of all sorts, the entire game is filled with fun mini games where you can battle your friends for fun such as Castle wars, God wars, Duel Arena, Game Necklace, Bounty Hunter, PVP, i would highly recomend this game to all its tons of fun.


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