Drag Me to Hell. Hit or Miss?

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Watching the newest release in the horror/thriller genre from Director Sam Raimi I found myself wondering if this much awaited film was everything I had hoped it would be. With other projects from Sam Raimi including 30 Days of Night and The Messengers there were high hopes for this film; featuring an original plot and a talented cast featuring main character Christine Brown played by Alison Lohman who starred in Big Fish and Beowulf; and boyfriend Clay Dalton played by Justin Long who has starred in Die Hard 4, Herbie Fully Loaded, Dodgeball, Jeepers Creepers and many more.
The plot of this film was highly imaginative steering well clear of the old cliched hack and slash horrors, the film revolves around main character Christine, a loans officer who has a gypsy curse placed upon her by an elderly woman who she has to evict from her home. The character is then tormented by the demon Lamia who will drag her to hell in 3 days, beginning a race against time to save her soul from hell. At a glance this film would draw the attention of anyone interested in be shocked or scared but at a closer look this film has its moments were very little happens on screen to hold attention. However this does not detract from the brilliance of this film as the acting of the cast manages to save these scenes and retain the disturbing and creepy atmosphere. Although I would advise anyone with a love of animals to think twice before watching this as there are a few moments featuring scenes of a disturbing nature involving animals and as an animal lover I found these to be off putting and unnecessary providing little input to the story line except to shock or disgust. Thankfully there are very few of these types of scenes and getting back to the story there were more than a few occasions were I found myself jumping out of my seat or adopting the classic pose of watching the film through my fingers as I held my hand in front of my face, which I rarely ever do except for films such as The Grudge or 100 Feet.
Most of the film was highly enjoyable making it a nice change from the much anticipated films of late that have promised so much yet have failed to deliver. There was one particular moment closer to the end of the film however that left me with a grin, not because it was particularly funny but because it was strange and out of place it a film of this genre, I don’t want to give too much away and spoil the surprise yet suffice to say that I’m sure when you watch this you will know exactly which scene i am referring to. Given the very few flaws I found with this film I would definitely describe it as a hit especially with fans of such films as The Orphanage, The Messengers, Constantine and The Eye.
Thankfully I was not disappointed with this offering of horror and thrills from Sam Raimi and his exceptional cast and look forward to more films of this nature hoping that this one provides much needed inspiration to the horror genre that I have found sadly lacking since the days of classics such as John Carpenters Halloween, Sean S. Cunningham’s’ Friday The 13th, Wes Cravens’ Nightmare on Elm Street or even the greats of Alfred Hitchcock like The Birds. Whilst still not quite in their league i am hopeful that this points to the comeback of the once great horror/thriller genre.
Overall I would definitely describe this film as a hit and based purely on opinion as a lover of this genre I would definitely recommend it to others, this is definitely one that I would watch again; should be a Box Office hit.


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