Feng Shui and Health

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Feng shui is the ancient Chinese art of creating harmony and good health by working with the environment. 

This is one of a number of articles that look into how you might bring peace, happiness and good health into your life through feng shui. This article focuses on how surroundings are believed to affect health.

Following basic rules within the home and workplace will help bring improvements both into your relationships and your health.

Tai Chi and Health

You don’t always, however, have full control of your surroundings and you might find that your everyday commitments will take you to places that are stressful.  If this is so, then one popular way to relieve tension is through Tai Chi. This is a form of moving meditation and preventive medicine and the graceful movements of Tai Chi make it popular with both young and old alike. 

Aromatherapy, Feng Shui and Health

 Aromatherapy is also recommended.  This is an ancient practice of healing through using the fragrant essential oils found in herbs, plants and flowers.  Some people like to have diffusers in the rooms of their home or even in their workplace and then when they feel ill or under stress, they can pop in a few drops of the oil of their choice. 

 You might also find that an aroma-bath is good for your health.  A few drops of lavender in your bathwater, for instance, will help soothe away all those aches and pains while geranium would have an energising and uplifting effect.

 Arranging the Home through Feng Shui to Promote Good Health

 To arrange things in your home, to promote good health, think about adding water features to your rooms.  Water contains healing power and water in a room will also help cleanse the atmosphere.

 Anything towards the East of your home – the East sector – will have influence over the health of its occupants. Therefore, in order to improve the well-being of your family, keep freshly cut flowers or large round-leafed plants here.  Be sure to keep plants well-watered too as dying plants can have a negative affect on health.

 Paintings of plants can also encourage healing energies.

 It is good to place wooden objects in your East sector or add wooden blinds to enhance the wood element that energizes your health.

Improving Ill Health through Feng Shui

 When you do feel ill, or low, think about where you spend most of your time.  If it is the bedroom, then brightly coloured walls can be uplifting.  The colour blue can create a serene mood as its soothing qualities will help relieve tension. 

 Green is also a colour to promote good health.  Soft lights both in the living room and  bedroom will help create a restful environment so you can unwind from outside stresses.

 Finally, think about what you are eating. There seems to be no point bringing balance and harmony into your home if you don’t do the same with your body. It is therefore recommended that you should eat a balanced diet and also be sure to make exercise a regular routine.


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