How to Hire a Dog Sitter

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When you go out of town on business or vacation, there needs to be someone who you hire to watch your dog. A dog sitter is the logical choice. An individual who is capable or loving your dog, keeping the dog safe from harm and addressing all your dogs needs like getting food and water.  What makes your trip successful is knowing that your dog is being taken car of a qualified dog sitter. Here’s how to hire the best in your area.

Decide how you want your dog sitter to work for you before you find one. Is your dog well suited to stay at your home while you are away or do you prefer that the dog is moved to another location while you are gone. The two types of dog sitting are requirements that make the price per day vary.

Decide how much you are willing to pay a dog sitter. Some sitters require a substantial amount as they are with your dog all day. Others just charge by the task (walk your dog, feed your dog, etc.)

Now you are ready to start asking your neighbors and your veterinarian if they know of any dog sitters that they could recommend. You aren’t looking for a name on a sheet (that is called advertising) instead you want a person they would trust with their animals.

Call and set up interviews with the individuals you feel might be a good choice to watching your dog. Make sure they bring a list of references and a list of fees. Additionally, dog sitters usually are licensed and bonded in bigger metropolitan areas.

Once you talk to the individual, you must make a choice on whether you would trust this person with your dog and if you feel comfortable. If the answer is yes, then ask them to come over and meet your dog for an introduction time with the dog.

Additionally, if you want to make sure the dog sitter and the dog have bonded, pay for the dog sitter to come over, while you are home to walk or take care of the dog for several hours. This will allow you to monitor how they act towards the dog and give the dog a chance to get used to the dog sitter.


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