Feng Shui Your Living Room

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Feng shui is the ancient Chinese art of creating harmony and attracting luck by working with the environment. 

All it takes are a few small changes to your home, garden or workplace and you can improve your wealth, enjoy better health and enhance your family and romantic relationships. This article looks at how to bring harmony into your relationships by feng shuing your living room.

Feng Shui Your Living Space

The living room is the room where both family and friends are likely to meet on a regular basis.  Therefore, you need to have a good flow of ch’i around you.  Ch’i is the invisible energy in the environment.  If it flows well, the room has good feng shui and this can be achieved very easily.

Improving Flow of Ch’i – Feng Shui Your Home

Firstly, how many doors do you have coming into the room?  If the room is large, it can probably take two doors as this will make for a regular flow of ch’i as it enters one door and exits another.  Too many doors, however, will disperse positive energy too quickly and you won’t get to feel its benefits.  In which case, you might want to hang curtains over the doors, to try and prevent this.

Your aim should be to allow the ch’i to flow through the living room without interruption.  This might sound rather strange, especially when you can’t see the energy you’re dealing with.  However, all you have to remember is that the room shouldn’t be cluttered with too many pieces of furniture.  

Arranging Furniture Feng Shui Style

Arrange your furniture in a circular or square grouping in the middle of the floor around a central focal point.  It is bad feng shui to have furniture pointing away from each other such or chairs facing a door or a window.  A round table in the centre of the room is an ideal way to circulate positive energy.

People using this room need to be able to move around without bumping into the furniture.  You need to avoid clutter.  Choose a cosy corner for the TV.  It’s also a good idea to consider the pieces of furniture you might have against the walls of the room. 

Have you any book cases or shelves, for instance?  If so, any sharp edges will form poison arrows – these are negative bands of energy – and this is bad feng shui.  To counteract this, all you have to do is place plants, fabric or embroidered hangings along these edges and this will combat any negative effects. 

Also, if you have a fireplace, it is good feng shui to hang paintings that are to your own taste, above it.

Colours and Feng Shui

Finally, it’s worth thinking about the colours in the room.  You might like light colours and these will encourage a lot of positive energy.  If, however, you prefer to have darker colours, try to think of “balance”.  Bring in a few lighter pieces of furniture or choose lighter coloured curtains and this should help equal the balance between light and dark.


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