Craft Party

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Looking for a unique way to increase sales for your homemade craft? Think Tupperware. That’s right, steal the idea that made Tupperware famous, have a craft party.

All you need is a co operative friend willing to throw the party. It is quite easy to bribe a friend in giving you a party by offering them one of your crafts for free. Once you have the party hostess and the place lined up then all you need is the date, time, invitations and a hook to draw people in.

Hooks can be anything. You can offer prizes, discounts, or even teach your party goers a simpler version of the craft you are selling. Anything that gains their interest and makes them want to come. Many times pictures of the product itself and the words “reduced price” is all that is needed to draw people in.

Plan your party so that guests will have an enjoyable time, this means good food, a few games, and a display of your work that is appealing to the eye.

Don’t belabor your craft, rather let it sell itself. For example if you have crafted jewelry, place it on a background that highlights color and style. Seasonal crafts, are best displayed as they are meant to be used. Christmas ornaments on a tree. Centerpieces, on a table, or fireplace. This will give your customers a chance to imagine what owning the item will do to enhance their clothing or home.

Encourage your guests to handle the product so they can see the workmanship. If jewelry or clothing let them try them on. With candles it is always good to have a smaller version of what you are selling so your customers can smell them while lit.

The key to selling your craft is making sure it is seen. Make sure you have a flier or brochure of your craft that your customer can take with them. This often leads to future sales.

Just remember a good crafted product will sell itself. All you need is to provide the opportunities for it to be seen.


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