bejewled popcap game review

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Bejeweled is a very addicting game online. It seems as if everyone under the sun in playing it on facebook and the popcap web site. I admit this is my newest addiction. I am so addicted to Bejeweled that I often play it when I take a breaking from writing.

You can download this game on a few different web sites, but playing it online can be fun too. Either way you choose to play, you will most likely find your self-becoming addicted.

If you download the game you will find that you can play a few different levels, I prefer the classical mode. There are several different patterns to play.

There is a one-minute limit in the facebook Bejeweled version. It does go super fast, but trust me you can get over 100,000 points in that short minute. The first week I played, I could not get my score above 50,000 but I lucked out in the second week of playing and got 121,000.

How did I do it? I have no clue. Therefore, it became a seemingly non-stop play-a-thon to figure it out. I understand the game now and I am passing on what I know.

The graphics are good, and quite colorful if your monitor is working good. The sound effects leave something to be desired.

The premise is simple, score as many points as you can within the Bejeweled game. You get points for every match you make. How do you score points in this fast-paced action game?

What is a match? A match is made when you line up at least three jewels of the same color. Of course, that only will get you about a hundred points at first.

When you make a match of four of the same colored jewels, this is when you can begin getting some good scores. You will notice that when you get four of the same color one becomes ‘sparkly’ try to match it up quickly.

When you do match that sparkly one quickly, you see an explosion. The points really add up quickly in Bejeweled at this point. When you see the numbers on certain jewels those are the multipliers and grab them as quickly as you can to score big points.

The idea is to get the four colored jewels in a row and get that sparkly one, and explode the jewels. If you can explode a multiplier at this time, it is mega points.

If you can make five of the same colored jewels in the game Bejeweled then you get a white blob, which appears to radiate. If you touch this one to any jewel it is near by it clears the board of all jewels of that particular color.

If you want to try Bejeweled before you download, play one of the free versions. In those online versions, you can see the game in action, and I do encourage you to try it. Fair warning it is very addictive, and the game seems to pass so quickly when one plays. It is so easy to loose track of time.


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