Somewhere Over the Rainbow’s Edge

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Somewhere over the rainbow’s edge,

Out of sight and hidden away.

Mythical creatures are said to live,

Earnestly guarding their pots of gold.

Watch the sky after a rain shower,

Heaven may send us a rainbow.

Enjoy the bright spectacular colors,

Remember God’s special promise,

Endeavor to keep your faith alive.

Outside after the storm is over,

View the pretty arc up in the sky.

Enjoy the rainbow with loved ones,

Remember its true meaning.

Thunderstorm has passed on by,

Heaven send us a pretty view.

Early afternoon sky is clearing.

Rainbow is shining very bright,

Awesome colors fill the sky.

It is the most beautiful scene,

Nothing can ever compare to it.

Bright and pretty colors up high,

Outside after a Summer shower.

Wonderful sight for us to behold,

Spectacular and interesting to see.

Early in the Summer afternoon,

Dream of a beautiful rainbow.

Glorious colors in the clear sky,

Each one shining so very brightly.


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