How to ‘get paid to discuss’?

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Internet has brought forth a new way how people communicate. In the virtual world, interactions and communication is without limitation by cost or distance anymore. Sharing of knowledges and information on the Internet is rapidly increasing as Social Networking sites becoming more popular.

Many Internet users from all over the world are coming to discuss on issues which interests them individually. That is what made web-based forums really popular. Then came, social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter that enhances interaction with a touch of fun and humour.

How nice would it be, if you are being paid for your discussions on your Internet? In the past, many people will think that this is not possible because people will be skeptical how the site actually make money and in turns pay the users as promised. Well, it is now possible and this business model works. This is all thanks to the concept of advertisement revenue sharing system. I would not want to go in-depth into the fundamentals, but this had made many Web 2.0 sites viable as traffic becomes a form of commodity.

Introducing, MyLot, a website that pays user to start a discussion, respond to  discussions and post pictures. On the same token, it is also a social networking based website that allows you to make friends with people from all parts of the world.

Do what you normally do on forums or web platforms that does not pay you, and get paid on MyLot. Incidentally, I have got paid by MyLot for the first time. The minimum payment amount is $10 via PayPal. It is really fun and you should give it a try too.

Visit the following link for the payment proof – Payment by MyLot for May 2009


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