Kimball Farm, Westford, Massachusetts: An Entertaining, Relaxing, and Affordable Place to Bring Your Family

Many people are looking for affordable summer distractions to enjoy with family and friends this summer.  Some locations that were available from your own childhood have disappeared or have altered in ways that don’t make them as attractive destinations as they once were.  Kimball Farm started as just a great summer ice cream venue.  It drew crowds in large numbers based on its incredible portion sizes, the quality fresh flavor of its ice cream, and the word of mouth that identified this as the place to be, in the summer, for ice cream.

However, families often want more than just food.  Kimball Farm did see an opportunity to grow their business and took it.  They added attractions that have not only brought in more family business, but corporate outings as well.  Now along with some of New England’s best ice cream, visitor’s have a multitude of options for enjoying their stay.  There are two themed miniature golf courses, Waterfall Run and Forbidden Mine that provide amusing themes along with a great chance to observe the antics at the bumper boats.  The bumper boats are, by far, one of the busiest attractions that have been added.  When I’ve gone during corporate events, you can clearly see this activity is not solely there for the children to enjoy.  Also provided for a guest’s visiting pleasure are a pitch and putt course, and a driving range.

There are several reasons this has become a popular stop on our summer vacation agenda.  First, we enjoy the options.  Second, while there is enough to keep us involved for the day when we bring family and friends, there is not so much to do that you can not get to it all.  When you have more time, it is wonderful to visit places that offer thousands of choices.  However, if you want to stick together and spend time as a family, too many distractions tend to destroy that opportunity.  Here our experience has been that we do not split up, but stay together and spend the day working our way through the activities offered.  Third, we have found the experience to be affordable.  With the “Give Me Five” option, we can enjoy the activities we came to participate in and stick to a budget.  We have never spent beyond the “Give Me Five” plan in the trips we have taken.  After working through those options we generally want to move on to the relaxation

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