Myspace Mobsters & Facebook Mob Wars which is better?

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The question is which is the better game? Myspace mobsters or facebook’s mob wars are both addictive and enjoyable. If you enjoy one or the other, you need to try the other one to compare this yourself.


The layout of the two games, myspace mobsters and facebook mob wars are a bit different in layout but still both are fun to play.

On myspace mobsters, you have many links on each page so it is easy to move around in the game.

While on the facebook game, you need to go back to the main page to move around. This will slow you down somewhat. Perhaps but it is worth it to me because you seem to climb levels, be healed, and even earn stamina quicker here.


The jobs are the same, as far as I can tell and the only thing different are the layout of the two. The first jobs on both games are done with your hands but will only net you a few hundred dollars and 1-experience points.

On mobsters, you begin with more money so you can buy the shotgun and pistol and gain more experience quicker.

While on mob wars, you only get 2,000 dollars so I got the colt, which enabled me to fight better. Levels are easier to climb because less experience is needed for the lower levels.

Fighting with others

On both game mobsters and mob wars, you are able to get one vehicle, one amour, and one weapon per mob member to fight against the other groups.

You are able to fight quicker on mob wars, which is nice if you have the right equipment.

If you are fighting on mobsters there seem to be more players to fight against, perhaps it is because the game it is trendier.


I liked the graphics on mobsters better, they are more colorful and more mob themed.  Also on this site, they seem to be a smaller file size, which helps them to load quicker.


I found that once I began playing the facebook game that people were adding me quicker then they did on the myspace game. I struggled on level 2 to find people to join the mob as 1 only had 3 friends. By level three, I have ten members all within half an hour. Now I had a fighting chance at success.

Adding friends

On myspace mobsters, adding friends is easy now that you can select to accept them all button. I wish it were easier to add others in the other game.

It is hard to say at this point, which I like better, as they both have good qualities mixed in with the bad. One thing is clear to me is both games are very addicting and both myspace mobsters and facebook mob wars are excellent ways of networking for personal and business reasons.


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