5 steps to weightloss

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How to get a better body.

1 – Train regularly and have a plan. If your goal is to be lean and look good you should start with a weight training that you like, making it easier for you to complete it. There are dozens of programs out there, choose one and stick to it.

2 – Do 30 minutes of medium to hard cardio training 3 or more times a week, running in a moderately high tempo or bicycling are to good ways to burn those calories. You can also use a stair master which is very effective. High intensity interval cardio has proven to be very successful.  As long as you do the cardio needed to burn the wanted amount of calories, choose whatever form of cardio you like. Motivation is the key.

3 – Diet, this may be the single most important thing in here, there is no use in training your ass of with hopes to look better and then go and eat a snickers bar or to the nearest fast food joint after training. You will gain weight. The exercise is not an excuse for you to keep eating unhealthy, or eating more. You still have to watch your diet closely. Eat good carbohydrates and get in a lot of protein, keep the fats low and enjoy healthy meals.  After a while your taste buds will get used to healthy foods and you won’t find the unhealthy ones as good as you once did.

4 – Keep a log book. Do this every day, write down everything you eat, you don’t need to weigh it and find out the amount of calories, but if you do, even better. The point is to get a overview of the foods you are eating, and look at the logbook every day and see where you can improve yourself.

This is not just for the diet, keep a separate logbook on your workout regimen, every time you train write down the amount of weight, sets, and repetitions you did on every exercise. This will allow you to increase the amount next time. A lot of people walk around in the gym for years lifting the same weights + a few more pounds because they don’t track their progress and attack it actively. Remember that you are at the gym with a GOAL. You want to become FIT.  Take the necessary steps and don’t let anything come in your way. Don’t make excuses for yourself, JUST DO IT.

5 – Attitude, you have to have the right attitude about this. Don’t go into this thinking “Yeah, I’ll give it a try, we’ll see how it goes”, you have to say to yourself “I will go through with this, I WILL LOSE X AMOUNT OF WEIGHT”. If the WHY is strong enough, the HOW comes by itself.


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