Kate Gosselin Halloween costume

                Ever since Kate Gosselin got that funky new hair do so many people are trying to copy it. I am really not sure why, because to me the Kate Gosselin hairstyle looks kind of funky. This Halloween you are going to see a lot of Jon and Kate’s walking around either as a couple Halloween costume or separate. The hardest part of Kate’s Halloween costume is going to be that funky looking hairstyle. If you already have the new Kate Gosselin hairstyle you are in luck. Then all you really need is a fake tan, snotty attitude, French manicure, and a bundle of kids. If you want to be humorous then you can bring along a male friend and dress him up as the infamous bodyguard that Kate is cheating with.

             If you need to do your hair like Kate Gosselin for Halloween I suggest buying an Emo type looking wig to match. I looked online and came up with a wig I feel is extremely similar to Kate Gosselin. This wig is called a Mood swing wig. I thought the name alone was perfect enough to fit your Kate Gosselin Halloween costume attire. This wig comes in a platinum blonde color, and a tapered looking bob hairstyle. The price for this wig is only $22.99 at Costumeexpress.com. The only thing you will have to do to the wig is chop up the crown area with a scissor to make it kind of spiky looking. Then you can add some gel to make the hair stick out all over the place, because Kate is known for using lots of hair gel.

         Another thing you will need for your Kate Gosselin’s costume is a pair of big black or brown sunglasses with designs and rhinestones on them. Kate is known for wearing a pair of “Whynot” Technoclear Polycarbonate sunglasses that have been seen on the television series Jon and Kate plus Eight, and also in the latest magazines.


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