Too big or too small?

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Toys are a child’s tool for discovery and self expression. As parents, we give our children toys for their enjoyment but there comes a time when we stop to wonder whether such toys are safe for them. As parents, it’s obvious that we want only the best for our children. And when it comes to toys, we make sure that the toys they play with are clean, constructive, educational, and of course, safe.

The first concern which worry us parents is the size of the toy. Is it too small? Does it contain small parts? What if my baby swallows this?

Safety is the first and foremost concern that parents should consider when looking for a toy, and this is where the question of size comes in. Toys come in a variety of shapes and sizes that it is sometimes difficult to decide if we should buy the toy or not. We sometimes get drawn in by the aesthetic value of the toy, not knowing that it may prove unsafe for our children in the end. A factor to consider when choosing a toy based on size is the age of our child. As parents, we can ask ourselves whether our children would understand what the toy really is. What is it functions? Does he merely consider it as a colorful, bouncy, funny object? These questions would then lead us to more detailed criteria in choosing toys.

We then take into consideration the parts of the toy. Is it a single part that is shaped and molded to be as such? Or is it composed of small parts put together? Are these parts joined in a way that it could stay together upon impact? Answering these questions would give us an idea of the different situations our child could be in when they play with such toys. Imagining these situations would give us a feeling of relief if ever we decide to buy the toy eventually.

These guidelines would help us in choosing a toy which will be suitable for our children when it comes to size.

Apart from these questions, toy companies have been helping out parents when it comes to toy selection. In toys for infants and toddlers, toy companies make sure that they put suggested age ranges for different kinds of toys. Being the ones who are in danger of swallowing small toys, infants and toddlers make a special target market for these companies. As precaution for their parents, packages for these toys contain warning signs showing the suitable age range for such toys, if the toys contain small parts, and whether these small parts may be able to choke a child.

Bearing in mind the guidelines and questions, and with the help of warning signs on packages, a parent can effectively choose a perfect toy for their child. We could walk out of the mall with a smile and a sign of relief that what we give to our children would not only help in their development, but would also do it in a safe way.


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