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Any thoughts on the Tax Day Tea Parties?

 Tea Partier
I don’t get it. I really don’t. What I don’t get is the hatred, and the embarassingly immature behavior, emanating from some on The Left. And The Media. What I do understand is why the Tea Parties are happening. This is a true  grassroots movement that is just getting started. Since The Media and some on The Left (redundancy?) are always trying to give advice to the GOP, here’s a little advice for y’all- Call  us names if you will. A KKK party? Racist? I was in attendance at a Tea Party, I saw people of all shades, ages and walks of life. Teabaggers? Don’t know and don’t want to know. Claim it is a FoxNews and Right Wing Radio creation? What, you think all Americans are a bunch of kool-aid drinking sheeople, that are led by the nose by an obviously biased so called mainstream media? I’m glad there is  truth coming from some media outlets.

Insult us all you want, but know this: We will not be cowed, we are not going to buy the bridge you’re trying to sell us, there are more of us than you want to believe and most importantly WEARE NOT GOING AWAY! arjay 05/01/09

What criteria should/will be used to select the next Supreme Court justice?

Could a third political party emerge to challenge the D’s and the R’? What would it look like?

Should the government bailout any newspaper?

The Newspaper Bailout, Supreme Court Opening and a Third Party
I think these 3 issues are intertwined to a degree. I’ll give a short version, the long version can be found at www.bukisa.com under the title “Will America Remain Great?”. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

A newspaper bailout cements our country as a “communist wanna-be” or a “communist state in training”. Run this sentence by your ears, “government controlled media”. It sends shivers down my spine!
A Supreme Court judge, or any judge for that matter, should interpret the law, with previous cases and the Constitution as a guide. Not making law based on whim, but with liberals running the show, an activist judge is what we’ll get.
With the Republicans and Democrats failing the nation so badly, a third political party is sorely needed. But alas, I can’t see it happening. The media will let the sentiment go only so far before shooting it down and populism will never agree on what a third party will stand for. I would love to see it, but it’s not happening in the forseeable future.  arjay 05/10/09

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