Switzerland of the East

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If you enjoy a cold, hilly and romantic climate than Sikkim is just the place you would love to visit. Sikkim is the smallest state of India and falls in the north-eastern states of the country, it is clean, green and one of the cleanest states of the country in India.  Not just environmentally but politically as well it is peaceful and we seldom see any fight or bloodshed in the state.

I visited it once every year as my granny is from Sikkim and I love the peaceful climate out there, Sikkim is all about natural beauty it has nothing artificial about it. The snow capped view of Kanchenjunga, the hilly mountains and all other natural beauties. Sikkim is specifically know for its orchids and rhododendrons flowers , the best of flowers are breed out here in Sikkim and from rose, ,lily, orchids almost everything is available here.

So if you want to enjoy some natural beauty and a peaceful environment for few days then Sikkim is the kind of place you will love visiting. All the places are beautifully connected and proper transportation facility is available most of the time.  Rainy season it is a bit risky because of the landslides but the road development team works hard and does clear it away in quick time. All in all it’s a paradise and is rightly called the Switzerland of the East.

Come down to SIkkim to relieve the magic of bieng close to nature ,come once and you will surely remember it for the rest of the life.


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