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In order to start making moneymag-glass_10x10.gif online with Cashcrate you will need to sign up, which is free to do. Go to (or the link at the bottom of the page)to join and after you sign up you will need to verify your email address. It is usually a good idea to create a separate email account to use with Cashcrate, as you will get spam.

Once you join and verify your email, you are ready to start making money online! Cashcrate is not a “get rich quick” scheme, but it is a good and legitimate way to make some spare money without having to spend anything. All you have to do now is click on surveys from the list and start filling them out. You want to make sure you fill out the survey completely because you only get the money in your account once Cashcrate verifies that the survey was completed.

If you don’t already have a auto form filler then you will want to get one. This will save you lots of time when you fill out your information for the surveys. You can either use the Google toolbar for this or use another good form filler called Roboform.

As a warning, if you have a survey that prompts you to put in your cell phone number, don’t put your real one in there. If you use your real number then you may get unwanted calls from telemarketers.

If you only fill out surveys then you can easily make a couple hundred dollars a week. Cashcrate pays you 75% of what the survey companies pay them. But if you really want to make some good money from Cashcrate, then the best way to do that is by getting referrals. You make 20% of what your referral makes and 10% of your second level referrals. I have been making money with the surveys and am now trying to get referrals. Once I start getting referrals I will post an update here to let you know how it is going. So, don’t forget to check back later. Have fun making money!

The best way to find surveys that are easiest to fill out is to order the listings by “100% free” and “top rated”


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