The Abortion Compromise

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    At the present rate, Americas “open wound”, otherwise known as the abortion debate, will never heal. Someway, somehow, a middle ground has to be found. The truth is, I’m not very optimistic at all that the war over abortion can ever be quelled. When terms such as “murderers”, “baby killers”, “womb nazis” and “women haters” are tossed around, achieving a compromise seems like an act of true fantastical proportions. But I like taking on the tough subjects, so here goes.
    People of good will, on both sides of the issue, must reject the extremism in their midst and not let their cause be defined by either extremist side. That begs the question though; who or what defines “extremism”? One persons’ extremism is another persons’ principle.
    I’ll state right off that generally I’m pro life. The Bible, God’s Word, is quite clear and is the basis for my being pro life. When God says “I knew you in the womb”, I believe Him. My experience also shapes my pro life views. I saw my childrens’ heart beats soon after they were conceived, please do not try to tell me that’s not a human life in a womans body. Science also says that life begins at conception.
    Another personal experience, my libertarian political bend and the political realities in this country tell me a different story though. During my wifes’ third pregnancy, the baby died and she had to have a D&C (a medical procedure done to evacuate the uterus of the products of conception, in my wife’s case, her spontaneous miscarriage wasn’t sufficient to expel the baby and she required the medical intervention.) I can’t imagine the added pain(if abortion was illegal) of having to go in front of a judge to get “permission” for the procedure, or the possible danger of having to wait to get an answer. Please spare me the “oh, that would never happen” thing. Sorry, but I don’t trust any part of government.
    Getting back to the extremism issue. This is what I consider extremist positions of both sides: The pro choice extremism – Allowing abortion at all stages of pregnancy, taxpayer funded abortions, partial-birth abortions and tolerating the leaches who make a financial killing in the abortion industry.

The pro life extremism – Violence against abortionists and/or abortion clinics, a complete ban of the abortion procedure and an inflexable abortion litmus test for politicians.
    The pro life movement has to face the political realities in America. Abortion is not going away and Roe vs. Wade is not getting overturned anytime soon, if ever. America just had eight years of the most pro life President it’s EVER had with a Republican Congress for six of those years and did any permanent changes occur? No, nada, zilch! We got the stem cell research, overseas funding and partial-birth abortion bans through, which Obama and the Democrats already have or will most likely get, turned back. I am not saying that we shouldn’t continue to back pro life political candidates. We most definitely should, but we should be working towards other attainable goals which, unfortunately, require trade offs or negotiation.
    I don’t know how politically doable this is, but this would be the goal: Abortion would stay legal and accessible, but the money making ability would be taken out of it. Not the doctors or the facility getting their cut, but the “Industry”, in other words organizations such as Planned Parenthood, should have their cash cow limited. Abortion clinics should become true woman pregnancy centers where every woman that walks into one will be informed on EVERY option and EVERY statistic involved in her decision. Women should be told that there are organizations that will help them, financially and emotionally, through an unwanted pregnancy that can lead to an adoption. I’m not talking coercion, just information. Just being presented a legal consent form to sign is not enough to really help a woman facing a tremendously important life altering decision. These should be some of the goals of the pro life movement. When Bill Clinton stated that abortion should be “legal, safe and rare”, I think he was using it for his cynical political purposes, but I believe the pro life movement could co-op it and use it to make real headway in saving and changing peoples’ lives.
    I’m rather certain that neither side will accept any of this, so the battles will continue. Babies will keep dying, women will continue to have emotional scars from abortions, the abortion mills will still be raking in the big bucks and an occasional abortionist will be shot. What a waste.   arjay 06/12/09


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