Top Secret Fat Loss Secret – The Truth About This Controversial Book

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Dr. Suzanne Gudakunst spends a lot of time studying and examining obesity and colon disease. Because of her book about the top secret fat loss secret she uncovered she has had many appearances on TV. She has uncovered the secret while researching the colon and the digestive system. Dr. Gudakunst was examining how both systems absorb nutrients and then continued to do research on her own.

During this research Dr Suzanne Gudakunst observed a striking link between plaque buildup, obesity and infections by intestinal parasites. People with all these problems found it very hard to shed pounds no matter how much effort they put in.

She worked for 6 years to develop a natural remedy for people who would have to have this threatening plaque removed and that would destroy the intestinal parasite. People who were very obese tried this treatment and the results were staggering. Then she tried this solution on people who were not as overweight and again, the results were great!

According to Dr Suzanne her methods are very easy and they do not get in the way of your everyday life. Her treatments are based on natural products such as herbs and plant extracts that are combined in the right volumes to help break down the intestinal plaque as mentioned earlier.

Dr Suzanne’s approach is particularly effective because it treats some underlying health issues that are otherwise preventing the weight loss. Of course if you add exercise to your health regimen you will lose even more weight. But for those people who have tried pure calorie-based dieting and failed this is probably the missing link.

If you have tried many other weight loss plans and not seen the results you wanted then this could be the program for you. In her ebook Dr Suzanne Gudakunst reviews the health reasons why you can’t lose weight and all you need to know about this remedy. Many top secret fat loss secret reviews have reported not only that it works for weight loss but that it has also helped with allergies, intestinal problems and other health issues.

Dr. Suzanne Gudakunst is a doctor who has also done a lot of research on obesity and intestinal conditions. She has figured out many things about the digestive system and how we get nourishment. She has discovered that some people have parasites which make it very hard for them to lose weight no matter what they do. She has found a top secret fat loss secret as well due to plaque buildup and her ways of getting rid of it. Those who have tried other weight loss programs and failed should give her ideas a try.


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