Body Detox – Is it really necessary?

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How do we know when it is time for a body detox? And do we really need to detox our body? Those are two questions I have heard people discussing over and over.

Detoxification is a very ancient healing method. It is all about cleaning and nourishing the body, giving it plenty of rest. When we remove toxins from our body and provide it with healthy nutrients, we start a rejuvenation process that has an endless list of benefits from optimum health to beautiful skin and hair.

The body has the capability to heal itself. But when it is overloaded with toxins and unnatural substances that it doesn’t recognize, it slows down and disease might have a chance to develop. Health experts say that since we are exposed to so many environmental toxins that it is only beneficial to detox our body once a year, preferably in the spring time. 

How can I detox my body?

Detoxification is the natural path to better health. To optimize our health even after our body detox, it is best to consider eliminating or significantly decreasing the use of nicotine, coffeine and/or alcohol. Choosing healthy alternatives for refined sugars, saturated fats and food items with a list of ingredients that we don’t even know how to pronounce. This will also decrease cravings and help us establish a healthy body weight.

There are several herbal detoxification supplements on the market today. Since the body doesn’t recognize foreign or unnatural substances, it is always best to chose herbal products that are completely organic.

Water is important in keeping our cells healthy and flushing out toxins. Drinking 2-3 L daily is essential for omptimum health. This amount should be adjusted on your activity level and your location.

Consider exercising regularly. Through exercising we increase blood circulation. This increases our oxygen intake which will aid in the elimination of metabolic waste.

Stress is another major factor in producing toxins. Deep breathing exercises combined with Massage Therapy are very effective in stress reduction. In addition Massage Therapy has been found very effective in eliminating toxins. Trough the process of kneading and pushing/pressing, blood circulation is increased. This will also increase oxygen to tissue cells and start the process of metabolic waste elimination. It is important though to follow up with water to completely wash out the toxins.

To keep your toxin level low, drink plenty of water, exercise, consider a lymphatic massage 2-3 times per year, stay away from processed foods and eliminate bad lifestyle choices such as overuse of alcohol and nicotine.  Go for long nature walks and exercise deep breathing daily.


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