Computer Threat

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Computer Threat

Human or natural disasters can also be a computer threat. Action such as stealing your account information from a trusted bank is considered as a human threat. However, when your computer is soaked in heavy rain, then that is a natural disaster threat.


Malicious code is also known as a rogue program. It is a threat to computing assets by causing undesired effects in the programmer’s part. The effect is caused by an agent, with the intention to cause damage.

The agent for malicious code is the writer of the code, or any person who causes its distribution. There are various kinds of malicious code. They include virus, Trojan horse, logic door, trapdoor and backdoor, worm and many others.


Virus is a program that can pass on the malicious code to other programs by modifying them, destroys or co-exists with the program. It can also overtake the entire computing system and spread to other systems


Trojan horse is a program which can perform useful and unexpected action. Howeveer, it must be installed by users or intruders before it can affect the system’s assets. An example of a Trojan horse is the login script that requests for users’ login ID and password and then the information is then used for malicious purposes


Logic bomb is a malicious code that goes off when a specific condition occurs. The example of a logic bomb is the time bomb. It is named as time bomb as it goes off and causes threats at a  specified time or date.


Trapdoor is a feature in a program that allows someone to access the program with special privileges.


Aprogram that copies and spreads itself through a network.


Hacking is a source of threat to security in computer. It is defined as unauthorised access to the computer system by a hacker.

Hackers are persons who learn about the computer system in detail. They write program referred to as hacks. Hackers may use a modem or cable to hack the targeted computers.


Computers are also threatened by natural or environmental disaster. Be it at home, stores, offices and also automobiles.Examples of natural and environmental disasters:

  • Flood
  • Fire
  • Earthquakes, storms and  tornados
  • Excessive Heat
  • Inadequate Power Supply

The credit of this information goes to my teacher as she taught me all this, and this is the note i do in my class.

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